2019 Springfield STARTALK Chinese Immersion Summer Camp

Dear Parents of Springfield STARTALK Community,

We are pleased to announce that the dates and location for the 2019 Springfield STARTALK Chinese Immersion Summer Camp have been confirmed! 😀

This year our camp will be hosted at Elias Brookings Elementary School and will begin on July 8 and end on July 26.  Registration information (including forms) will be available and posted here by the second week of May.

Please stay tuned for more details and thank you so much for your support!

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Day 15 – Final Day

Hey everyone!

Can you believe it! The final day has been completed, which marks the completion of our 2018 session!  The past 15 days of camp have flown by so fast.  It just absolutely amazing to see how far our campers have come since the beginning of the camp.

Our students had a great performance for their parents and the whole STARTALK community during our final celebration.  Our thanks to all of the parents, grandparents, cousins, friends, and guests who came to support our students.

Thank you again to all our students, staff, volunteers, sponsors, STARTALK, Brookings Elementary School Principal Mrs. Powe and her staff, Springfield Public Schools, and everyone who helped make this camp very successful!

Have a great summer and enjoy clips and pictures from the performance!

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Day 14

Happy Thursday everyone!

Can you believe it?  We are so close the the end of of our journey.  It has been so exciting to see the how much our campers have learning at our camp.

Come see for yourself some of the wonderful things they have learned:

  • Students of Panda and Rabbit Classes reviewed making money exchanges in Chinese by “buying” their breakfast.  Watch students from Panda Class exchanging their money for a bag of pancakes with their TA here.
  • Rabbit and a few other classes continued to rehearse their songs for the Closing Ceremony tomorrow.  Watch one of their practice runs here.
  • Students of Dragonfly, Tiger, and Giraffe Classes have been practicing a chant for the 12 Zodiacs rhyme along with the cup movements all week in preparation for their performance in the Closing Ceremony tomorrow in addition to a martial arts performance.
  • Fish Class students enjoyed playing Monopoly using board games and cards they made by themselves in class.
  • Students of Frog Class dressed up in their costumes and reenacted their skit for tomorrow’s Closing Ceremony.
  • Butterfly class has been memorizing the choreography for their dance for the final ceremony.

Hope to see you all at tomorrow’s celebration! 😀

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Day 13

Happy Hump Day!

Today was our special Appreciation Day!   To celebrate this wonderful day, the classes held a special performance for staff and students of Brookings School to show their appreciation and thank them for allowing us to use their wonderful facilities.  Panda, Rabbit, and Dragon classes sang a song, and Dragonfly, Tiger, and Giraffe classes performed a Shadow Puppet show.  The K-2 classes also presented posters to the principal. Our students are amazing, they have learned so much within such a short period of time.

Check out the other highlights of the day below:

  • Following their wonderful Shadow Puppet performance in the morning, the Grade 6-12 students in Dragonfly, Tiger, and Giraffe Classes went around to the other classes and helped them make their own shadow puppets in the afternoon.
  • Frog Class rehearsed a skit they hope to perform during the Friday’s Closing Ceremony.
  • Butterfly Class learned how to write and recognize the characters for various family members.
  • All classes continued to work hard in perfecting their Closing Ceremony performances.

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Day 12

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is faring well in rainy and muggy conditions that have been present this week.  Today Fish, Butterfly and Frog classes ran a very successful Fundraising Luncheon for the Shriner’s Hospital for Children.  All classes, staff, and members were invited.  The hosting classes greeted and took the orders of their guests in Chinese.  Their hard work and preparation for the event ultimately paid off.  The luncheon was able to raise $450 and director Ms. Ann Ferriter, along with a group of students, staff members and parents, presented the check to the Hospital.   A big thank you to all parents for your support  in making the event a great success.

In addition to the fundraiser, other great things were happenign as well.  Check them out in the highlights below:

  • Linguafolio continues to be a great tool for high school and middle school students to not only log their progress but to improve their reading, writing, and listening skills in Chinese.
  • All classes continue to learn the Chinese languages and culture based on the very structured curriculum. In the meantime, they practiced their songs, thymes and poems while they were walking to lunch, gym or recess. Every minute is valuable for them to learn.
  • Students of high school and middle school classes prepared a Shadow Puppet performance while students of Panda, Rabbit, and Dragon Classes prepared a song for Appreciation Day tomorrow in hopes to thank the school and the staff of the school for allowing us to use their facility, resources and time.  A video of rehearsal can be seen here.
  • In addition to preparing for Appreciation Day, Dragonfly, Tiger, and Giraffe Classes rehearsed the lines for the “Cup Song” on the Chinese 12 Zodiacs.
  • High school and middle school classes practicing the rhyme can be seen in this video.

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Day 11

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Picking up right were we left off, the camp continues to move along at full speed.  It is hard to believe that we are already at the final week.

Today, the camp hosted two wonderful visitors from STARTALK Central.  They came observe how our camp fulfills its mission of immersing Chinese language and culture into daily activities in and out of the classroom.  Today’s highlights show some of those activities:

  • Frog Class’ students prepared menus and were taught how to properly host a luncheon with Fish and Butterfly Classes on Tuesday.
  • Rabbit Class reviewed the terms for family members in Chinese by writing the members on origami houses they made.
  • Butterfly Class worked on a choreography for a dance they will be performing on Friday’s Closing Ceremony.
  • High School and Middle School Classes rehearsed their parts for their Shadow Puppet Performance on Wednesday and practiced the “Cup Song” in which they will be chanting the 12 Chinese Zodiacs for Friday’s ceremony.
  • Rabbit Class danced to a video they found online.
  • Dragon and Rabbit Classes students surveyed each other in Chinese on their favorite color and applied their math skills to created bar graphs to show which color was the most liked.


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Day 10

Happy Friday everyone!

Today marks the close of the second week of the camp. Every day at camp is busy and exciting. Our camper learn new things every day. Here are some highlights of what they learned today and hope you all have a good weekend!

  • Panda Class learned how to use the words “Delicious”, “Love”, “Like”, and “Dislike” with to express their opinions on food. The teacher also set up a store to sell breakfast items. Students learn how to buy breakfast with play money.  Watch the video here.
  • High school and middle school students continued their daily logs on Linguafolio, allowing them to not only see how far their Chinese has improved but to also practice reading, speaking, and listening to Chinese.
  • Frog Class learned how to describe the weather using various phrases and words.
  • The dumpling-making skills of Fish Class students were put to test as they made dumplings out of Play-Doh. 
  • Dragonfly, Tiger, and Giraffe Classes began to prepare for their Shadow Puppet performance. Students in Tiger class work in small teams to write down what they have already known, what they want to know.
  • Teresa Ni from Dragonfly Class won the lunch raffle, winning tickets to Six Flags.
  • Students of Dragonfly Class enjoyed fruit salads they made in class.
  • Fish, Butterfly, and Frog Classes went around to classes to invite them to a luncheon the three classes are running next week, which is shown in the following links.Fish Class inviting Hwang Lao Shi.  Watch the video here
  • Frog Class inviting Hwang Lao Shi.   Watch the video here

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